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​​​Last Updated: June 11, 2020

The publications listed below are available on-line by clicking the title of the publication. All materials may be copied without permission.

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A glossary of insurance terms and definitions commonly used in the insurance business is available on the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's (NAIC) website at

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Long-Term Care

Medicare Supplement




Life Insurance and Annuities

  • Life Insurance Coverage and AIDS (PI-064) (Updated March 2018)
    Summarizes rules regarding life insurance and coverage for AIDS and includes Resources for Persons with a Positive HIV Test/The Implications of Testing Positive for HIV (OCI 17-001).
  • NAIC Life Insurance Buyer's Guide
    The link above will bring you to the NAIC's Life Insurance Buyer's Guide.
  • State Life Insurance Fund
    Information about the State Life Insurance Fund that offers life insurance to Wisconsin residents. This also includes a rate table and application information. For more information, call 1-800-562-5558 (Wisconsin residents only).
  • Understanding Annuities (PI-214) (Updated April 2018)
    Explains the different types of annuity contracts, describes the various contractual features and discusses how to shop for an annuity.
  • NAIC Buyer's Guides for Annuities
    The link above will bring you to the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's publications page. The buyer's guides provide consumer information about the different types of annuities.


Wisconsin Insurance News
The Wisconsin Insurance News is published quarterly by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to provide interested parties with information affecting regulation of the Wisconsin insurance market.

Wisconsin Insurance Report
The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is required by statute to submit a report to the Governor and to the legislature that includes an organizational chart of the Commissioner's Office, a general review of the insurance business, a summary of complaints, a summary of rules promulgated, a list of insurers authorized to do business in the state, a list of all revocations of licenses or certificates of authority and any legislative changes.

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