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Auto Insurance | Consumer's Guide (PI-057) ​​​
Explains the types of coverage provided in an auto insurance policy, how to shop for insurance, and collision damage waiver coverage for rental cars.

Seguros de Automóvil 
| Guía del Consumidor (PI-157)​
Explica los tipos de cobertura proporcionados en una ​póliza de seguro de automóvil, cómo comprar un seguro y la cobertura de exención de daños por colisión para automóviles de alquiler.​

Auto Insuran​ce - Frequently Asked Questions (PI-233)
Frequently asked questions about auto insurance policies, Wisconsin's Financial Responsibility Law, the claims process, cancellation/nonrenewal, and more. 

Share with Care: Understanding the Insurance Risks of the Sharing Economy​ (PI-235)
Provides information on important insurance considerations for home-sharing, ride-sharing​, and more​.

Teenagers an​d Auto Insurance (PI-200)
Provides information on buying car insurance, saving money, and how underage drinking affects your insurance premium.

Tips for Saving on Auto Insurance (PI-218)
A number of factors contribute to the price insurance companies charge for auto insurance. Here are some tips to remember when trying to get the best value for auto insurance​.

Other Vehicles​ 
Learn about insuring boats, atvs/utvs, golf carts, motorcycles, personal watercrafts, and recreational vehicles.

Vehicle Theft Prevention
In the United States, a vehicle is stolen every 39 seconds. Help reduce theft of and from vehicles with these tips.

Long-Term Care

Companies Offering Long-Term Care Insurance Policies or Riders in Wisconsin (PI-046)
Lists insurance companies indicating that they offer in Wisconsin long-term care insurance policies or riders.

Long-Term Care
 | Consumer's Guide (PI-047)
Explains different types of long-term care insurance and the types of policies sold in Wisconsin to cover long-term care expenses.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage in Wiscon​sin | Consumer's Guide (PI-099)
Explains options available to Medicare-eligible persons age 65 and over, and some Medicare-eligible disabled individuals under age 65, who are looking for information about the Medicare Advantage program.

Medicare Part D - Things to Know Before Signing Up
Provides a list of things all seniors should know before signing up for Medicare Part D.

Medica​re Supplement Insurance Policies List​ (PI-010)
Lists policies available in Wisconsin.

Health Insurance for People with Medicare in Wisconsin | Consumer's Guide (PI-002)
Explains Medicare and supplemental insurance to cover those expenses not paid by Medicare.

Medigap Policies (External)
Provides information on Medicare supplement plans with price ranges offered by insurance companies in Wisconsin.



ANSI Codes 
Claim Adjustment Reason Codes

Health Insurance and Worker's Compensa​tion Insurance for Farm Families
 | Consumer's Guide (PI-072)
Provides information about health insurance and limitations for work-related injuries.

Cancer Insurance (PI-001)
Describes cancer insurance policies and the limitations many of these policies have.

Health Insurance Grievances and Complaints (PI-217)
Provides information on how to resolve disputes with your health plan

Managed Care Health Plans in Wisconsin
 | Consumer's Guide (​PI-044)
Provides information on all HMO and Limited Service Health Organization Plans in Wisconsin.

Benefits for the Treatment of ​Opioid Addiction & Other Substance Use Disorder Treatment​​​ (PI-23​8)
A guide intended to assist consumers in locating resources aimed at the treatment of opioid addiction and other substance use disorders.

Continuation Rights in Health Insu​rance Policies (PI-023)
Describes a consumer's rights under Wisconsin law and the federal COBRA law to continue group health insurance coverage after losing previous eligibility for health insurance coverage.

Filing a Complaint About Health Pla​ns (PI-231)
Provides information on how to file a complaint and the complaint process.

Protections from Surprise Bills (PI-328)
Information on balance bills or surprise bills from health care providers

Independent Review Process in Wisconsin FAQs (PI-203)
Describes a consumer's right to appeal a health plan's decision to an independent medical expert.

Mand​ated Benefits for the Treatment of Nervous and Mental Disorders or Substance Use Disorders (PI-008)
Summarizes required coverages in group health insurance policies.

Manda​ted Benefits in Health Insurance Policies (PI-019)
Gives a brief description of current mandated benefits.

Mandated Coverage for Autism ​Services (PI-234)
Frequently asked questions on mandated coverage for autism services.

Health Care Insur​ance | Consumer's Guide (PI-225)
Provides information on comprehensive health insurance and many of the Affordable Care Act changes.

Grievance Report 
Online tool that summarizes grievance reports submitted by health insurers.

Health Insurance for Small Emplo​yers and Their Employees | Consumer's Guide (PI-206)
Discusses the Small Employer Health Insurance Law and contains monthly new business premium rates.​

"Low Cost" Health Insurance (PI-249)
Provides tips for consumers who may be considering a short-term, limited duration plan or other limited benefit coverage.

Health Insurance After Job Loss (PI-242A)
Health insurance options for individuals who have lost health coverage.

Seguro De Salud Después De La Pérdida Del Trabajo (PI-242B)
Una Guía De Opciones De Seguro Médico Para Personas Que Han Perdido La Cobertura Médica.​​

Tuav Pov Hwm Kev Nyab Xeeb Tom Qab Uas Poob Haujlwm (PI-242C)
Ntawv Qhia Txog Cov Kev Xaiv Ntawm Kev Pov Hwm Them Nyiaj Kho Mob Rau Ov Tib Neeg Uas Poob Kev Pov Hwm Kho Mob.

After a Storm Hits (PI-237) 
Offers a quick reference list of insurance tips for dealing with the aftermath of severe weather.

Avoid a Public Insurance Adjuster Scam (PI-250)
Rebuilding your home or business and repairing your car is important but signing a contract with an unscrupulous party can make a bad situation worse. Learn tips to avoid a scam.

A Brief Guide to Rente​r's Insurance
Explains the basic coverages included in a renters insurance policy and gives tips on how to purchase renters insurance.

Insurance Needs When Buying a Home | Consumer's Guide (PI-100)
Provides information on homeowners, flood, private mortgage, and title insurance and discusses other insurance options to consider when buying a home.

Buying a Home—Insurance Terms to Remember (PI-221)
Learn the terms you need to know when buying a home.

Condominium​ ​Insurance (PI-068)​​
Explains the basic coverages included in a condominium unit owners policy.

Homeowners Insurance ​| Consumer's Guide (PI-015)
Explains the basic coverages included in homeowner's and tenant's insurance policies, the types of policies, what you should do if you have a loss, and the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.

Flood Damage (PI-240) 
Frequently asked questions about flood insurance, damage from sump pump overflow, the National Flood Insurance Program, and more.

Homeowners Insurance (PI-232)
Frequently asked questions about homeowners insurance.

Insurance Tip​s for Farm Owners (PI-239)
Tips and resources for farmowner insurance policyholders.

Manufactured Home Insurance (PI-066)
Explains the basic coverages included in a mobile home insurance policy.

Personal Property H​ome Inventory (PI-224)
A personal property home inventory guide to use to list all the items that you have in your home.

Settl​ing Property Insurance Claims​ | Consumer's Guide (PI-084)
Provides information on what to do after a loss, how to settle an insurance claim, flood insurance, and tips on what to do before a loss.

Tips for Saving on Homeowners Insurance (PI-219)
Learn how to save money on your homeowners insurance with these helpful tips.

Share with Care: Understanding the Insurance Risks of the Sharing Economy (PI-235)
Provides information to potential guests and hosts on important insurance considerations for home-sharing.
Health Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance for ​Farm Families | Consumer's Guide (PI-072) 
Provides information about health insurance and limitations for work-related injuries.

Commercial Liability Insurance
 | Consumer's Guide (PI-045)
Contains basic information on commercial liability insurance, risk management, legal protections, required coverages, and optional coverages.

Day Care Liability Insurance (PI-054)
Answers questions about liability insurance coverage for day care facilities.

Insurance for Small Business ​Owners | Consumer's Guide (PI-085)
Provides information about business, worker's compensation, health, and auto insurance.

Worker's Compensation Insurance for Employers | Consumer's Guide (PI-065)
Provides information on worker's compensation insurance requirements and answers frequently asked questions.

Foster Parent Liabili​ty Insurance (PI-048)
Frequently asked questions about liability insurance coverage for foster children.

Surplus Lines Insurers and Agents (PI-026)
Answers questions about surplus lines insurance and procedures for placing surplus lines insurance.

Share with Care: Understanding the Insurance Risks of the Sharing Economy​ (PI-235)
Provides information on important insurance considerations for home-sharing, ride-sharing​, and more​.

Warranties​ (PI-069)​
Discusses the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the federal law that covers warranties, and answers questions about extended warranties.
Life Insura​nce Coverage and AIDS (PI-064) ​Not currently available. Contact OCI ​if you have questions.
Summarizes rules regarding life insurance and coverage for AIDS and includes Resources for Persons with a Positive HIV Test/The Implications of Testing Positive for HIV (OCI 17-001).

NAIC Life Insurance Buyer's Guide
The link above will bring you to the NAIC's Life Insurance Buyer's Guide.

State Life Insurance Fund
Information about the State Life Insurance Fund that offers life insurance to Wisconsin residents. This also includes a rate table and application information. For more information, call 1-800-562-5558 (Wisconsin residents only).

Understanding Annuities | Consumer's Guide (PI-214)
Explains the different types of annuity contracts, describes the various contractual features and discusses how to shop for an annuity.

NAIC Buyer's Guides for Annuities 
The link above will bring you to the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's publications page. The buyer's guides provide consumer information about the different types of annuities.
After a Storm Hits (PI-237) 
Offers a quick reference list of insurance tips for dealing with the aftermath of severe weather.

Documents and​ Records (PI-223)
Provides a list of documents that will need to be replaced if they have been destroyed and whom to contact for replacements.

Credit I​nsurance (PI-205)
Frequently asked questions about credit insurance.

Wisconsin insurance consumers are better protected thanks to 2021 Wisconsin Act 73. Read more about this law and how to secure your data and stay safe online.

Insurance Terminations, Denials,​ and Cancellations (PI-024)
Summarizes the laws dealing with notice requirements when insurance coverage is terminated.

C.L.U.E. ​ (PI-207)
Tips to help you understand how claims information obtained from a C.L.U.E. report may affect your insurance premiums.

Insurance 101 - Insurance Basics f​or College Students
Provides information about the t​ypes of insurance college students should consider when going away to school.

Insurance Complaints and Administrative Ac​tions (PI-030)
Annual reports summarizing complaint activity and enforcement actions.​

Other Sources of Help (OCI 51-051)
Provides information on Small Claims Court.

Share with Care: Understanding the Insurance Risks of the Sharing Economy​ (PI-235)
Provides information on important insurance considerations for home-sharing, ride-sharing​, and more​.

Tips for Buying Insurance Online (PI-220)
H​elpful tips to protect yourself when buying insurance on the internet.​

Understanding How Insurance Companie​s Use Credit Information (PI-204)
Tips to help you understand how your credit information may be used and how it may affect your insurance premiums.

Volunteers an​d Insurance (PI-236)
Tips for understanding volunteer insurance for volunteers and organizations. 

Wisconsin Insurance News
The Wisconsin Insurance News is published quarterly by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to provide interested parties with information affecting regulation of the Wisconsin insurance market.

Wisconsin Insurance Report
The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is required by statute to submit a report to the Governor and to the legislature that includes an organizational chart of the Commissioner's Office, a general review of the insurance business, a summary of complaints, a summary of rules promulgated, a list of insurers authorized to do business in the state, a list of all revocations of licenses or certificates of authority and any legislative changes.

These publications are intended as a general overview of current law in this area, but is not intended as a substitute for legal advice in any particular ​situation. You may want to consult your attorney about your specific rights. Publications are updated annually unless otherwise stated and, as such, the information in this publication may not be accurate or timely in all instances.​

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