Information for Consumers - Health Insurance

Last Updated: August 1, 2019

Where Can I Find Health Insurance Information?

OCI provides various publications focused on healthcare at Consumer Publications. These publications are offered to guide consumers looking for information related to health insurance. They are updated regularly and can help consumers make informed decisions regarding their health coverage. Some of the topics include

  • Long-term care

  • Medicare supplement

  • Worker's compensation

  • Managed care plans (HMOs and limited service health organizations)

  • Filing grievances and complaints

Publications can be printed or use the link at the bottom of the Consumer Publications page to order a hard copy.

​Federal Health Care Reform

Per federal regulation all health insurance plans in the individual market are "guaranteed available" to consumers during an annual open enrollment period. You and your family may or may not be eligible for health insurance coverage from all companies listed in your county depending on your address. For more information, you should contact:

  1. The health insurance companies listed for your county in the Health Insurer Map. (See information below.)

  2. Your licensed insurance agent.

  3. The Federally Facilitated Market Place (FFM).

Please note that if you are eligible for subsidies from the federal government, these can only be accessed by applying for coverage through the FFM. The Advance Premium Tax Credit Examples explain how premium subsidies are calculated, including a list of second-lowest cost silver plan rates by county. Consumers should note that premium subsidies are based on the cost of the second-lowest cost silver plan in their county.

See the Health Care Reform page for additional information.

2017 Health Care Insurance Town Hall Presentation

OCI held informational sessions across Wisconsin in an effort to provide a forum for citizens to gather information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 2017 open enrollment, and "auto re-enrollment."

Find a Health Insurer

Use the Interactive Map of Comprehensive Health Insurers to find a list of insurers near you.

  • The Map of Comprehensive Health Insurers in Wisconsin's individual market shows which insurance companies offer comprehensive health insurance plans to individuals and families in each county.

  • Inclusion on this map is NOT an implicit or explicit endorsement by OCI.

Comprehensive Health Insurance Rates

Information about health insurance rate changes already on file with our office is available using OCI's Policy Form and Rate/Rule Filing Search feature.

Comments and/or questions about health insurance rate increases can be e-mailed to

Note: The average health insurance rate increase information included in health insurance filings is required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to be included in all health insurer rate filings. OCI has concerns that the information required to be posted will be confusing to consumers. The rate increase information is calculated by using a weighted average based on a geographic distribution of plans and, as a result, has little relationship to an increase in any consumer's actual premium rate.

Lists of rate filings that were subject to rate review in Wisconsin are provided below. The lists are organized by the calendar year of the rate filing's effective date. A justification for each rate filing can be accessed by visiting

This federal website allows consumers to search for rate filings by state and company name. Please note that the federal website may not be supported by certain Internet browsers.