Bulletins Issued

​​​​​​Last Updated: May 2, 2024

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) publishes bulletins to provide information or interpretations about insurance regulations. The bulletins are issued as the need arises to explain new regulations or discuss interpretations enforced by OCI. Bulletins older than five years are archived and included for historical purposes. Bulletins may have been superseded by a later bulletin or include outdated links or contact information. If you have a question regarding an older bulletin, please contact ocicomplaints@wisconsin.gov. Include the date and name of the bulletin in your email.

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Archived Bulletins can be accessed here.


12/22/2020  COVID-19 Immunization Coverage

11/25/2020  Moving to Electronic License/Registration Renewal Notifications - February 1, 2021

11/03/2020  Wisconsin Agent Appointment Renewal Invoices for 2020

10/26/2020  Town Mutual Insurers Revised Investment Rules

10/21/2020  Update for Agent Licensing Remote Testing Process

10/15/2020  Revised Prima Facie Credit Life and Credit Accident and Sickness Insurance Rates

10/13/2020  Telemedicine Coverage Request Related to COVID-19

10/13/2020  Change in Filings to the Division of Financial Regulation

07/01/2020  Public Adjuster Law, Wisconsin Act 129

06/29/2020  Nondiscrimination regarding Coverage for Insureds Who are Transgender or Gender Dysphoric

06/18/2020  Updated Coverage for Delivery Drivers for Restaurants during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

06/01/2020  New Agent Licensing Vendor

05/29/2020  Proctoring of Online Courses – Personal Attestation Form

04/22/2020  Remotely Proctored Exams are Available for Agent Candidates

04/21/2020  Special COVID-19 Session Law 2019 Wisconsin Act 185

04/02/2020  Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure

03/26/2020  Extension of Transitional Health Insurance Plans Through December 31, 2021

03/26/2020  Small Employer Coverage

03/23/2020  Coverage for Delivery Drivers for Restaurants during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

03/20/2020  Complying with Regulatory Requirements during the Public Health Emergency

03/15/2020  Regulatory Flexibility Regarding COVID-19

03/06/2020  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coverage Request

12/22/2015  Bulletin to All Insurers and Agents Writing Liability Coverage Regarding Act 90

12/16/2015  Bulletin to Insurance Companies with Wisconsin Agent Appointments Regarding Wisconsin Appointment Renewals Announcement for 2016

12/16/2015  Bulletin to All Insurers and Agents Writing Hospital Indemnity or Fixed Indemnity Coverage Regarding Central United Life v. Burwell

12/07/2015  Bulletin to All Property and Casualty Insurers Authorized to Write Business in Wisconsin and Subject to s. 623.11, Wis. Stat., except for Financial Guaranty, Mortgage Guaranty, and Title Insurers Regarding Minimum Direct Premium Written to Surplus Ratio Requirements

10/12/2015  Bulletin to All Insurers Authorized to Write Health Insurance in Wisconsin Regarding H.R. 1624 and the Small Group Size Definition

09/08/2015  Bulletin to All Insurers and Interested Parties Regarding Revised Reporting Requirements for Insurers That Are Part of an Insurance Holding Company System

09/08/2015  Bulletin to All Insurers, Agents and Interested Parties Regarding Adoption of the NAIC Buyer's Guide and 2012 IAR Table

06/25/2015  Bulletin to Surplus Lines Agents, Direct Placement Policyholders, and Risk Retention Groups Doing Business in Wisconsin Regarding Surplus Lines Filings for Multistate Policies in Wisconsin

06/17/2015  Bulletin to All Insurers Authorized to Write Health Insurance in Wisconsin Regarding Updated Guidance Regarding Coverage of Colorectal Cancer Screening

04/24/2015  Bulletin to All Insurers Authorized to Write Health Insurance in Wisconsin Regarding Guidance Regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Extended Transitional Policy for Large Employers with 51-100 Employees