Bulletin, October 21, 2020, Update for Agent Licensing Remote Testing Process

Last Updated: October 21, 2020

Date: October 21, 2020 
To: All Insurers, Pre-licensing (PE) Providers and PE Candidates
From: Mark V. Afable, Commissioner of Insurance
Subject: Update for Agent Licensing Remote Testing Process


It has been just over three months since OCI transitioned to our new agent licensing vendor: PSI, Inc. Switching to a new vendor and then tasking that vendor to provide testing for all lines of insurance both in-person and on a remote platform has been quite a shift.​

Both OCI and PSI are aware that some candidates have been dealing with issues in the testing process. We are actively working together to identify and solve those problems. Through the on-going partnership between OCI and PSI, our goal is to ensure a seamless testing process – whether it be in-person or using the remote testing platform.

To head off potential problems, we would like to share some trouble-shooting tips for candidates:

  1. Double check the phone number(s) you are using to contact PSI.
    • Candidate Services is (888) 818-5805. This is a Wisconsin-specific number. Be sure to use this number rather than other 1-800-numbers you may find online.

    • If you have any questions regarding your compatibility check, experience issues launching your exam, or there is no response from the proctor, you may contact our remote proctoring technical support team at (844) 267-1017.

  1. For remote exams, always run the pre-test compatibility check on the device that you will use for the test, and make sure that no system updates have been implemented between the time you run the compatibility check and the time of your exam.  Make sure you have a strong internet connection and that you use the same internet service for both the compatibility check and the actual exam.

  2. Once you have passed the exam, a score report will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

  3. Things like chewing gum or talking during remote testing will trigger the security software and potentially cause the proctor to stop the exam. There are multiple security rules in place to ensure that the remote testing process is as secure as the in-person process. See page 16 of the Candidate Information Bulletin which can be found on the OCI website here: https://oci.wi.gov/Pages/Agents/ApplyForALicense.aspx

  4. If you experience issues, you can reach out to PSI at any time during the scheduling or testing process. You can also contact OCI at ociagentlicensing@wisconsin.gov. OCI is not able to provide real-time assistance, but if you would like to contact us to describe your experience – positive or negative – we are happy to hear from you.

  5. If you decide that remote testing is not for you, there are physical test locations around Wisconsin. You will find a list on page 13 of the Candidate Information Bulletin.