Bulletin, June 10, 2021, Reinstating Course Requirements

Last Updated: June 10, 2021

Date: June 10, 2021 
To: All Insurers, Agents, and Interested Parties
From: Mark V. Afable, Commissioner of Insurance
Subject: Reinstating Course Requirements


Effective August 1, 2021, providers will be required to submit new course application submissions for the classroom approved courses. This requirement is being reinstated and supersedes the temporary instruction included in OCI's May 29, 2020 bulletin. https://oci.wi.gov/Pages/Regulation/Bulletin20200529OnlineCourses.aspx

Providers should prepare and submit new webinar course submissions via State Based Systems (SBS) as soon as they are able to avoid any processing delays and to ensure you can continue to deliver approved classroom courses as webinars.

To ensure providers are submitting all required information upon initial submission, OCI has attached a New Course Submission Checklist. The checklist​ will assist providers as they submit all required information and help prevent any delay in the review and processing of new course submission. Using the checklist will also improve the likelihood of course applications being approved.

In addition, OCI has updated our Provider Information Handbook to include more direction and clarity on course methods and course submission. We have also added guidance on which methods in SBS to choose, along with additional samples and forms providers can reference.

The Course Submission Checklist will be added to the Provider Information Handbook. You can find the Handbook on our website at https://oci.wi.gov/Pages/Agents/ProviderInformation.aspx.

Along with requiring new course submissions for providers, individuals will also no longer be able to utilize the Personal Attestation Form for online course completion effective August 1, 2021.  Individuals will need to use a physical proctor as previously required by s. Ins 26.09 (3), Wis. Adm. Code and s. Ins 28. 08(3), Wis. Adm. Code. Individuals will need to make sure a signed affidavit is submitted to the provider in order to obtain course credits for their course.

Any questions regarding specific course submission requirements may be directed to our CE administrator at WI-CEProcessing@psionline.com.​