Homeowners, Renters, and Condominium Owners

Last Updated: February 4, 2021

​Homeowners, Renters, and Condominium Owners Insurance Information

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) provides a number of publications to guide consumers looking for information related to homeowner, renter, and condominium owner insurance. These publications are updated regularly and can help consumers make informed decisions regarding their coverage. A list of publications can be found below. You will find information on basic coverages included in homeowner's and tenant's insurance policies, the types of policies, what you should do if you have a loss, warranties, a personal property home inventory guide and more​.

Bu​ying a Home and Your Insurance Needs | Consumer's Guide (PI-100)
Provides information on homeowner's, flood, private mortgage, and title insurance and discusses other insurance options to consider when buying a home.

Buying a Home—Insurance Terms to Remember (PI-221)
Learn the terms you need to know when buying a home.

Homeowners Insurance ​| Consumer's Guide (PI-015)
Explains the basic coverages included in homeowners and tenants insurance policies, the types of policies, what you should do if you have a loss, and the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.

Homeowners Insurance (PI-232)
Frequently asked questions about homeowners insurance.

Tips for Saving on Homeowners Insurance (PI-219)
Learn how to save money on your homeowners insurance with these helpful tips.
A Brief Guide to Rente​rs Insurance (PI-017)
Explains the basic coverages included in a renter's insurance policy and gives tips on how to purchase renters insurance.
Condominium​ ​Insurance (PI-068)​​
Explains the basic coverages included in a condominium unit owners policy.
After a Storm Hits (PI-237) 
Offers a quick reference list of insurance tips for dealing with the aftermath of severe weather.

Flood Damage (PI-240) 
Frequently asked questions about flood insurance, damage from sump pump overflow, the National Flood Insurance Program, and more.

Insurance Tip​s for Farm Owners (PI-239)
Tips and resources for farmowner insurance policyholders.

Manufactured Home Insurance​ (PI-066)
Explains the basic coverages included in a mobile home insurance policy.

Personal Property H​ome Inventory (PI-224)
A personal property home inventory guide to use to list all the items that you have in your home.

Settl​ing Property Insurance Claims​ | Consumer's Guide (PI-084)
Provides information on what to do after a loss, how to settle an insurance claim, flood insurance, and tips on what to do before a loss.

Understanding H​ome-Sharing in Wisconsin (PI-235)
Provides information to potential guests and hosts on important insurance considerations for home-sharing.

One copy of each publication listed below is available free of charge. If you would like a hard copy of a publication, view this page.

View the Consumer Publications page for additional insurance publications and resources.