Agent Exam Requirements

​​​​​​​Last Updated: April 4, 2022

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E​xam Requirements

Each resident individual applying for one or more of the lines of authority listed below must pass an exam:

  • Life​
  • Accident & Health
  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Personal Lines P&C
  • Credit
  • Title
  • Navigator
  • Public Adjuster

Each exam will test the applicant's basic knowledge of the kinds of insurance to be solicited and functions to be performed and the applicant's basic understanding of the applicable laws and regulations.

Individuals can also review the examination content outlines​ in the Wisconsin Candidate Information Bulletin ​​​ or via the PSI website ​​. The content outlines are the basis for the exams.

Exam Registration Information

Candidates can register for the exam online at ​​ or by phone at 888-818-5805. The exam fee is $75 for all exams except for the public adjuster exam. The public adjuster exam is $50. 

​State specific series exams are for individuals who have previously held that specific line of authority.​

Which Exam do I Need to Register for?

Exam Choices:​

  • WI Accident and Health - General and State Series 22-03
  • WI Accident and Health - State Specific Series 22-04
  • WI Life - General and State Series 22-01
  • WI Life - State Specific Series 22-02
  • WI Property - General and State Series 22-05
  • WI Property - State Specific Series 22-06
  • WI Casualty - General and State Series 22-07
  • WI Casualty - State Specific Series 22-08
  • WI Personal Lines - General and State Series 22-09
  • WI Personal Lines - State Specific Series 22-10
  • WI Title Series 22-11
  • WI Credit Series 22-12​
  • WI Navigator Series 22-14
  • WI Pub​lic Adjuster 22-15

Test Center Availability and Locations

Find available times and test​ing​ centers near you at PSI Test Centers ​​​.​