Employers Insurance of Wausau Restructuring

​​​​​​Last Updated: March 12, 2021

Information on the Restructuring of Employers Insurance of Wausau To a Mutual Holding Company and Stock Insurance Company​

On September 15, 2000, EMPLOYERS INSURANCE OF WAUSAU A Mutual Company (Employers) filed a proposed plan of restructuring that, if approved by OCI and Employers' policyholders, would result in the formation of Employers Insurance of Wausau Mutual Holding Company and conversion of Employers from a mutual insurance company to a stock insurance company.

State law allows for a mutual insurance company to convert to a stock insurance company by placing the mutual policyholders' ownership rights in a mutual holding company which then becomes the owner of the newly-converted stock insurance company. This transaction needs to be filed with and approved by OCI before it can be completed. This is a new law and Employers' restructuring filing is the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, of Boston, Massachusetts, which is affiliated with Employers, is also pursuing a similar restructuring with the Massachusetts insurance department. Under the proposed plan, the mutual holding companies created by Employers and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company would be merged with the Liberty Mutual mutual holding company surviving. The converted Employers stock insurance company would remain a Wisconsin domiciled insurance company after the mutual holding company merger.

The restructuring plan filed by Employers, along with all pertinent correspondence and statutorily required information will be placed in this section of OCI's website.

Application Material Filed on September 15, 2000

Supplemental Material Fi​led on November 17, 2000​

Correspondence on OCI's Review of the Application for Restructuring

EIOW Policyholder Information Statement Packet, as published

Supplemental Filings in Support of the EIOW Restructuring

Public Hearings

Decision Document