Education Provider

                                                                                                                            ​           ​Last Updated: July 1, 2020

​​​Education Provider​

This page is intended for prospective providers or approved providers ONLY. Licensees should refer to the CE Requirements​ page for guidance. 

Prelicensing providers will assist in assuring that insurance applicants receive basic information regarding insurance, insurance ethics, and sales practic​es per s. Ins 26.01, Wis. Adm. Code​

​Continuing education providers provide more extensive information regarding insurance, insurance ethics and insurance laws per s. Ins 28.01, Wis. Adm. Code​.

Attention Providers: OCI will allow providers to deliver currently approved classroom courses via webinar without having to refile those courses with OCI. Providers are required to submit a written statement to OCI with a list of courses intended to be delivered via webinar. Please refer to the OCI's May 29, 2020 bulletin for specific guidance. Temporary changes will remain in effect until rescinded by OCI.

PSI Services, LLC ​

The State of Wisconsin has contracted with PSI Services, LLC (PSI) to administer our continuing education(CE)/prelicensing education(PE) program and conduct provider and course review. PSI handles all transactions and inquiries for providers and their submissions to the state.

Providers should contact PSI for the following items:

  • General Requirements
  • ​CE/PE Provider Applications and Renewals
  • CE/PE Course Applications and Renewals
  • Course Revisions
  • ​Pass/Fail Reports

Phone: 877-526-6833 Ext. 6769 
Appeals Email: WI-CEAppeals​

State Based Systems​

All providers will use the State Based Systems (SBS) database to access their provider accounts and submit their submission to the state. 

SBS offers the following functionality for providers:

  • Submission of provider applications
  • ​Submission of course applications
  • Submission and maintenance of course offerings
  • View course rosters & completions
  • View provider account
  • Submission of instructor applications
  • Upload attachments 
  • Update addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and manage contact information
SBS also has How-To Guides​ to help walk through some of the processes. Providers should reach out directly with SBS if you should have any issues with the above functionality.

Phone: 816-783-8990

Provider Information Packet

Prospective providers and approved providers can reference the Provider Information Packet​ for more detailed instruction and guidance on the following items:

  • ​How to Apply for a Provider License
  • General Course Requirements
    • Course Groups and Methods
    • Acceptable/Not Acceptable Topics
  • How to Submit a Course
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Course Offerings
  • Instructor Requirements
  • Banking Course Credits
  • Renewal Requirements for Both Providers and Courses
  • Appeal Process for Denied Courses
  • NAIC Reciprocity Filing

The Provider Handbook also contains the form and samples templates:

  • ​NAIC Reciprocity Form
  • Sample of an Acceptable Course Outline
  • Sample of an Unacceptable Course Outline
  • Certificate of Completion Template
  • Instructor Application
  • Affidavit of Personal Responsibility for Proctored Courses​

Exam Review Workshop​​

On an annual basis, OCI holds a public meeting where state licensing exams items are evaluated to ensure that all material being tested on is current and relevant in regards to Wisconsin industry practices. The event is led by our examination vendor, PSI. Wisconsin exams are then updated and published for Wisconsin candidates.​

Industry Day​

On an annual basis, alongside our examination vendor, PSI, OCI holds a public meeting where education providers and the state address issues, items of concerns, and other data related the students, education, exams, or licensees. 

Below are available presentations given by OCI and/or third-party entities during past Industry Days.

Pass/Fail Reports

Providers may request their own school pass rates from PSI directly. P​lease sent your request to Jason McCartney with PSI via email at​.