IPFCF Fund Contacts

​Last Updated: ​November 5, 2018

Fund Administration and Policy​

​Brynn Bruijn-Hansen, Fund Director
(608) 267-1237
e-mail: Brynn.BruijnHansen@wisconsin.gov​


DuWayne Kottwitz, Insurance Program Specialist
(608) 266-0953
e-mail: duwayne.kottwitz@wisconsin.gov

Certificates (Primary Insurance)​

Ana Lopera, Regulatory Specialist
(608) 264-6227
e-mail: ana.lopera@wisconsin.gov​

Address Changes, Provider Status, Employer Linking​

John Macy, Office Operations Associate
(608) 266-6830
e-mail: john.macy@wisconsin.gov

Billing, Fees​

Mary Moore, Financial Specialist
(608) 266-7525
e-mail: mary.moore@wisconsin.gov

Eligibility, Credentialing, Refunds

Andrea Nelson, Insurance Program Specialist
(608) 266-9895
e-mail: andrea.nelson@wisconsin.gov

Investments, Financial Statements​

Wendy Powers, Accountant
(608) 267-7140
e-mail: wendy1.powers@wisconsin.gov

​Fund Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 7873
Madison, WI 53707-7873

Fund Street Address:

125 South Webster Street
Madison, WI 53703-3474

Fund Fax Number:

(608) 226-5536​

​Questions? Contact the Fund at 608-266-6830 or ociipfcf@wisconsin.gov​​​​