IPFCF Frequently Asked Questions

Last Upd​ated: April 1, 2016

Who must participate in the Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund (Fund)?

​​Doctors, Certified Registered Nurse A​nesthetists (CRNA) who primarily practice in Wisconsin​, and many types of health care facilities are required to participate in the Fund. The complete list of individuals and facilities is outlined in s. 655.002 (1), Wis. Stat.​

What are the legal requirements to and benefits of the Fund for doctors and CRNAs?

​​​The Requirements of ch. 655, Wis. Stat., Health Care Liability and Injured Patients and Families Compensation​, gives an overview of the requirements and benefits for newly licensed medical providers.​

For who is participation in the Fund voluntary?

Fund participation is voluntary for doctors and CRNAs for whom Wisconsin in not their principal place of practice or who work less than 240 hours in a fiscal year. More information can be found in s. 655.002 (2), Wis. Stat.​

​Do public employees and facilities or volunteers participate in the Fund?

Doctors and CRNAs who are state, county, or municipal employees do not participate in the Fund. Federal employees and contractors, as well as facilities covered by the federal tort claims act are not covered by the Fund. Volunteers who are considered an agent of the state are also exempt. More information can be found in s. 655.003, ​Wis. Stat.

Public employees must file an exemption with the Fund.  The exemption form can be found by going to the Fund's public access site​. Use the Search for Provider box to find the employee's record. Click the link to the online exemption form on the Coverage page.

Are medical directors required to participate in the Fund?

​Yes, medical directors are required to participate in the Fund, as outlined in this bulletin​.

Contact Andrea Nelson at 608-266-9895 or andrea.nelson@wisconsin.gov​ for more information.

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