Insurance Resources for Every Stage of Life

​​​​​​​At every stage of life, there are unique insurance ​needs. Your insurance coverage should reflect your changing financial assets, liabilities, obligations, and tolerance for risk. Marriage and divorce, having children, buying or selling a home, moving, changing jobs, and retiring all carry special insurance considerations. ​

A knowledgeable insurance agent or company representative can help you determine the type and amount of insurance you need to effectively meet your current circumstances and those on the horizon. 

Shop smart and avoid scams. If you feel pressure to sign a contract quickly, take a step back and investigate.​ If you are ever unsure about an insurance company or agent, stop before signing any paper​work or issuing payment and confirm that the company or agent offering the insurance product is legitimate and licensed to sell insurance in Wisconsin. Consumers can look up agents and companies here​.  If you have trouble locating your agent or company you can call OCI at (800) 236-8517.  

​​ Young adults

Early Adulthood​

Auto, renters, and health insurance information for college students and young adults.

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Newlywed couple standing by car


Health, auto, and life insurance details for newlyweds or those looking to tie the knot.

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Woman approaching retirement

Retired or Planning for Retirement​​

Medicare, life and disability insurance needs for folks that are retired or planning for retirement. ​

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Expecting parents

New or Expecting ​Parents

Insurance resources for new parents or those becoming a guardian.​​

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Divorce paperwork

Starting Over

Divorce, remarriage, or ​death within your family calls for certain insurance needs. 

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New homeowners holding keys in their house

New Homeowners​​

New homeowners can protect their ​investment ​with homeowners insurance. 

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Handshake confirming a new job has been accepted

Job Change​​

A new job can mean a change in lifestyle as well as a change in insurance needs.

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