Bulletin, November 8, 2010, Resident and Nonresident Annual Billing Reminder

Last Updated: November 8, 2010

Date: November 8, 2010
To: Agent Licensing Sections of All Insurance Companies Licensed to do Business in the State of Wisconsin
From: Sean Dilweg, Commissioner of Insurance
Subject: Resident and Nonresident Annual Billing Reminder

​Invoices for filing the required annual initial and renewal billings will be mailed on or shortly after January 15, 2011. All payments must be completed by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) at our Website. No other form of payment is acceptable and all other forms will be returned unprocessed.

Log on to oci.wi.gov, select Online Payments, and then Company Appointment Billing. When logging on to the site to complete the payment process, companies will also be able to download the lists of agents associated with each invoice. The lists will include those who were initially appointed for the previous year, as well as those whose appointments are being renewed.

Each invoice will have the amount calculated for you, and no reconciliation is permitted. You may not take credit for terminating an agent at that time. All terminations must have been processed prior to January 15, 2011, or they will appear on the renewal billing. Please note that Sircon transactions are completed in real time. Companies using other business partners must allow for the transfer of data, which can cause a delay of one or more days in processing those transactions.

The initial and renewal appointment fees are $16.00 for each resident agent per company and $50.00 for each nonresident agent per company regardless of the number of lines of authority. These fees are established under s. 601.31 (1) (n), Wis. Stat., and s. Ins 6.57, Wis. Adm. Code.

If you have specific questions or wish to notify our office of a change in the Agent Licensing address for your company, please contact us at ociagentlicensing@wisconsin.gov.