Bulletin, March 31, 2004, Letters of Certification

Last Updated: April 15, 2004

Date: March 31, 2004
To: SILA Members/Interested Parties 
From: Jorge Gomez, Commissioner of Insurance
Subject: Letters of Certification

​We are pleased to announce that effective today we no longer require a letter of certification to obtain a nonresident license in Wisconsin. Copies of current licenses, PDB print screens and CRD reports are also not required. The only paper attachments necessary relate to affirmative answers to the legal questions.

Laurna Landphier, our Chief of Agent Licensing, was instrumental in the push to implement this initiative that is now being used in Wisconsin, and will also be rolled out in the near future to all of the current COSMOS states. Innovative IT Solutions (iITs) was responsible for creating the electronic interface that allows our office to connect directly with NIPR to obtain the PDB, RIRS and SAD information necessary to validate and issue these licenses without a paper copy. We want to thank both iITs and NIPR for the development and implementation of this valuable tool that has changed the way nonresident licensing is accomplished.

We are proud that our state is the first state to implement this new process. It is another example of leveraging technology to ease the burden of a paper-intense licensing process. At a time when state departments are asked to do more with less, this is another example of innovative ways to make it all happen.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact Laurna at (608) 267-1238 or e-mail her at laurna.landphier@wisconsin.gov.