Bulletin, October 11, 2001, Property and Casualty Rate/Rule Filing Procedure Bulletin

Last Updated: October 12, 2001

Date: October 11, 2001
To: All Property and Casualty Insurance Companies
From: Connie L. O'Connell, Commissioner of Insurance
Subject: Property and Casualty Rate/Rule Filing Procedure Bulletin


The purpose of this bulletin is to update the outline of the requirements for the filing of rates and supplementary rate information (rules) required by s. 625.13 (1), Wis. Stat., and s. Ins 6.06, Wis. Adm. Code. It applies to all lines of property and casualty insurance except worker's compensation.

This bulletin contains several changes to the previous bulletin (August 25, 1995) which it replaces.

  1. Affiliated companies no longer need to submit separate filings for each company. Instead, the list of companies (not the group name) should be entered on a single transmittal form which will accompany a single copy of the filing. (Section 1.5)
  2. The section which addresses the case If your rate service organization files final rates has been omitted.
  3. The transmittal form, OCI 26-400, has been redesigned. The choices for "Purpose of Filing" have been expanded, a column has been added to the last section (for reference filings) to make it easier to list several multipliers for the same filing and companies are no longer being asked to list the premium nor the previous filing date.

In addition, several sections were modified for clarification.


Any questions that you have concerning property and casualty rate/rule filings may be addressed to Laura Iliff, telephone: (608) 266-3060, e-mail: laura.iliff@oci.state.wi.us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Property and Casualty Rate/Rule Filing Procedures Bulletin