Comprehensive Health Rates for 2019

Last Updated: February 19, 2019

The companies listed below have submitted comprehensive health rate filings for 2019 to the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI). Updates to the list will be made for any quarterly filings received during 2019.

Information about comprehensive health rates can be accessed by visiting (This federal website may not be supported by certain internet browsers.)

  • To locate a rate filing, click "SEARCH ACA-COMPLIANT PRODUCTS" and enter the requested information.

Comments and/or questions about health insurance rates can be e-mailed to

Company NameMarketEffective Date​
Aetna Life Insurance CompanySmall Group01/01/2019
​All Savers Insurance Company​Small Group​01/01/2019
Aspirus Arise Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc.Individual01/01/2019
​Aspirus Arise Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc.​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Children's Community Health Plan​Individual​​01/01/2019
​Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative​Individual​​01/01/2019
​Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Compcare Health Services Insurance Corporation​Individual​​01/01/2019
​Compcare Health Services Insurance Corporation​Small Group​01/01/2019
​Dean Health Plan, Inc.​Individual​​01/01/2019
Dean Health Plan, Inc.Small Group01/01/2019
​Dean Health Plan, Inc.​Small Group​04/01/2019
​Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin​Individual​​01/01/2019
Group Health Cooperative of South Central WisconsinSmall Group01/01/2019
​Health Tradition Health Plan​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​HealthPartners Insurance Company​Individual​​01/01/2019
​HealthPartners Insurance Company​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Humana Insurance Company​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Humana Wisconsin Health Organization Insurance Corporation​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Medica Health Plans of Wisconsin​Individual​​01/01/2019
Medica Insurance CompanySmall Group01/01/2019
​Medical Associates Clinic Health Plan of Wisconsin, The​Small Group​​01/01/2019
MercyCare HMO, Inc.Individual01/01/2019
​MercyCare HMO, Inc.​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​MercyCare Insurance Company​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin, Inc.​Individual​​01/01/2019
​Network Health Plan​Individual​​01/01/2019
​Network Health Plan​Small Group​01/01/2019
​Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc.​Individual​​01/01/2019
​Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc.​Small Group​01/01/2019
​UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company​Small Group​04/01/2019
​UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin, Inc.​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin, Inc.​Small Group​04/01/2019
​Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation​Individual​​01/01/2019
​Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​US Health and Life Insurance Company​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation (WPS)​Individual​​01/01/2019
​Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation (WPS)​Small Group​​01/01/2019
​WPS Health Plan, Inc. (Arise)​Individual​​01/01/2019
​WPS Health Plan, Inc. (Arise)​Small Group​​01/01/2019

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