General Office Fees

​​​​​​​​Last Updated: April 12​, 2024

​Wisconsin insurance statutes require that insurance companies and insurance agents be licensed before transacting business in the state. The statutes have authorized the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to charge a licensing fee to cover the cost to the state for administering this licensing function as well as fees for other administrative functions such as photocopying and service of process.​

​​Publication Fees

  • First single copy is free. All copies beyond that will result in a fee between $0.15 and $2.00 depending on the publication. (This excludes the Wisconsin Insurance Report.) ​​​

  • No administrative rule or code applies

  • For Bulk Requests email

​Wisconsin Insurance Report

  • $20.00 per copy ​(Please fill out and mail in an order form with your $20.00 check)

  • No administrative rule or code applies

Records/Copy Fees

Service of Process Fees

  • ​Service of Process on Unlicensed Companies

    • $10.00

    • s. 601.31 (1) (p), Wis. Stat.

    • s. 601.72, Wis. Stat.

    • No administrative rule or code applies​

    • Unit: Legal Unit