Access for All: Governor Evers' Proposed Budget

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Governor Evers’ Budget is About Ensuring Access for All​

Every Wisconsinite deserves access to high quality,​ affordable health insurance coverage. Every Wisconsinite ​deserves access to 21st century, convenient heal​​thcare. Every Wisconsinite deserves access to affordable prescription medication. Healthcare access for all will help Wisconsin recover and bounce back from this pandemic and set our economy up for future success. ​​


Telehealth Access
for Everyone​

Governor Evers’ plan would increase access to telehealth by investing in expanded broadband, especially in rural areas, so Wisconsinites can stay home and stay safe while still accessing care​.​​​​

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Prescription Drug Affordability​

Governor Evers’ budget plan would save folks money by capping insulin copays, strengthening consumer protections and establishing a new watchdog to oversee the pharmaceutical industry.​​​

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Wisconsin's Own Health Insurance Marketplace

A state-based marketplace would mean that decisions about when and how Wisconsinites can sign up for health insurance are made here at home, based on the needs of Wisconsinites.​

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Health Insurance Marketplace Stability​​

Fully funding the Wisconsin Healthcare Stability Plan ​would help keep health insurance premiums affordable for consumers and help stabilize the private health insurance market​.​​​

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Committed to Making Healthcare Accessible for All​​

Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Mark Afable released the following statement in support of the Governor's budget:

"Governor Evers' remarks tonight showed his commitment to making healthcare accessible for all," said Commissioner Afable. "By taking steps to create a state-based exchange, Governor Evers is making sure that Wisconsin families can continue to rely on a strong insurance marketplace with even greater transparency and efficiency."​

As chair of the Governor's Prescription Drug Task Force, Deputy Insurance Commissioner Nathan Houdek released the following statement in support of the Governor's budget:

“Last year the Governor's Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices recommended several policies to make prescription drugs more affordable and accessible. The Governor's budget is an important step toward making those recommendations a reality so that necessary medications are more accessible for everyone. By controlling costs, increasing transparency, strengthening consumer protections, and bolstering programs designed to support Wisconsin's most vulnerable, Governor Evers' budget offers a bold plan to address excessive prescription drug costs."​

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