Press Release, February 23, 2023, Insurance Commissioner Shares Tips for Wisconsinites with Winter Storm Damage

February 23, 2023

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Insurance Commissioner Shares Tips for Wisconsinites with Winter Storm Damage

Madison, Wis. – Insurance Commissioner Nathan Houdek is sharing tips and reminders for Wisconsinites who may have experienced property damage from this week's winter storm.

“This week's heavy snow and ice accumulation has the potential to cause property damage." said Commissioner Houdek. “If you experienced any damage, it's important to notify your insurance agent or company right away to begin the claim process."

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) recommends that consumers consider the following tips as they evaluate any storm damage:

  • Make a list of damaged items, including cracks in walls, water damage from burst pipes, spoiled food due to a long-term power outage, etc.
  • Take photographs of the damages before you begin to clean up.
  • Don't throw out any damaged property without the claim adjuster's agreement.
  • Keep all receipts that document the cost of the repairs or the replacement of damaged items.

Read our After a Storm Hits Fact Sheet here for more information.

“Damage from winter storms may not occur right away as heavy snow build-up can lead to issues like ice dams on your roof," said Commissioner Houdek. “Prevent this damage and help avoid future insurance claims by safely raking snow off the first one or two feet of your roof. We also encourage people to check any exterior vents on their home and clear away snow accumulation that may prevent safe ventilation."

If Wisconsinites encounter any issues with their insurance agent, adjuster, or company, they are encouraged to contact our office to file a complaint. Contact OCI at 1-800-236-8517 or visit our website for more information.