Flood Insurance and Safety Toolkit

​​​​​Last Updated: May 11​, 2022​

This flood insurance toolk​it contains flood insurance and safety messages and graphics that you can share on your social media channels. 

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Sample messages that you can easily copy and share to your channels.​

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​​​Is my car covered if it's damaged in a flood?
Flood Damage: Don'ts
Flood Damage: Do's
Today's Snow. Tomorrow's Flood.
1 inch of water can cause 25k of damage
Snow melts. Will you be ready?
The 2010s were the wettest decade on record.
Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding.
Since 1950, Wisconsin's annual precipitation has increased by 15%.
30 days for flood insurance to go into effect.
Myth: Only homeowners can purchase flood insurance.
Myth: You can't buy flood insurance if your property has flooded before.
Just one inch of water can cause 25k of damage.
Protect the life you've built with flood insurance.
Homeowners insurance typically doesn't cover flood damage.
Don't underestimate a little water.
"I couldn't have moved forward without flood insurance."
"After 48 years in our home, a flood hit us."
It can take 30 days for flood insurance to go into effect.​ ​