Surplus Lines Insurers

​​​​​​​​​Last Updated: June 9, 2023

​Surplus Lines Tax Payments

Surplus lines tax reports and payments are due annually on March 1st. Tax reports are required for all agents holding a surplus lines license for any part of the reporting year, including those agents with no business written. The surplus lines payments may now be submitted online using the NAIC OPTins Premium Tax Payment system for producers/agents filing in 2017. Using OPTins ensures that both the forms and payment are received together and on time.

To use OPTins, surplus lines agents must create an account using their National Producer Number and by contacting OPTins Marketing Team at or call (816) 783-8787. Agents may also visit ​​ to find easy-to-follow instructions. Please allow two weeks for OPTins to verify and set up your account for future payments.

Questions regarding surplus lines tax payments should be directed to

Surplus Lines Insurers​​

Effective March 31, 2004, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance no longer publishes a list of unauthorized nondomestic insurers the office believes to be reliable or solid. Section 618.41 (6) (d), Wis. Stat. ​​, states the Commissioner may issue lists of unauthorized nondomestic insurers whose solidity he or she believes to be doubtful or whose practices he or she believes to be objectionable. The Commissioner may issue lists of unauthorized nondomestic insurers he or she believes to be reliable and solid. The Commissioner may also issue other relevant evaluations of unauthorized insurers. No action may lie against the Commissioner or any employee of the office for anything said in the issuance of such lists and evaluations.​

The office had, for many years, issued such a list upon a limited review of financial statements filed by unauthorized nondomestic insurers wishing to be placed on the list. Due to resource demands on the Division of Financial Regulation, the office is no longer able to produce the list.

Surplus lines agents are reminded of the requirements in s. 618.41 (8) (a), Wis. Stat.​ , pertaining to the responsibilities of surplus lines agents concerning evaluation of the financial condition of unauthorized insurers they use to place coverage and notice of any deficiencies to applicants.​