Merger Instructions for Nondomestic Companies

​​​​​​​​Last Updated: July 27, 2023  

  1. Nondomestic mergers should mail the following documents to OCI:
    • Copy of Articles of Merger that were filed and approved by home state
    • Effective date of merger
    • Statement of name change or acquisition (if applicable)  
    • If a name change was involved, amended or restated articles must be included

    Payment/check for statutory/retaliatory fee made payable to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance should be sent to:

    Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
    Attn: Suzanne Vinmans
    PO Box 7873
    Madison, WI 53707-7873

    Questions regarding the above documentation should be directed to Suzanne Vinmans at

  2. Merging company appointments:
  3. Agents appointed with the nonsurviving company will automatically be transferred to the surviving company when the merger is completed in the SBS database​.

    • Companies may wish to proactively obtain a list of all appointed agents prior to the merger.  The list can then be used to confirm that no issues occurred regarding the agents during the merger transaction.

A company cannot accept business directly from any agent or enter into an agency contract with an agent unless the agent is a licensed agent appointed with the company.  Any questions regarding appointment requirements should be directed to Agent Licensing at (608) 266-8699 or​.