Merger Instructions

​​​​​Last Updated: Auguat 13, 2021 

  1. Nondomestic mergers should mail the following documents to OCI:
    • Copy of Articles of Merger that were filed and approved by home state
    • Effective date of merger
    • Statement of name change or acquisition (if applicable)

    Payment/check for statutory/retaliatory fee made payable to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance should be sent to:

    Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
    Attn: Suzanne Vinmans
    PO Box 7873
    Madison, WI 53707-7873

    Questions regarding the above documentation should be directed to Suzanne Vinmans at

  2. Merging company appointments:
  3. In order for the insurance agents appointed with a merged company to be appointed with the surviving company on the date of merger, insurers should follow the steps below:

    • Determine which agents will be appointed/terminated in the merger.
    • Appoint new agents or terminate existing agents via​ or an NIPR-authorized business partner (​ )
    • Email to transfer active agents. OCI is able to transfer active agents to the surviving company. We are unable to terminate or appoint new agents.
    • Send written notice to terminated agents that they are no longer appointed as a representative of the company. Include in the notice the termination date.

The company cannot accept business directly from any agent or enter into an agency contract with an agent unless the agent is a licensed agent appointed with the company.

Any questions regarding appointment requirements should be directed to Agent Licensing at (608) 266-8699 or​.