Make Financial Filings

​​​Last Updated:  March 2, 2023

Companies can now make the following filings electronically through the OCI Financial Filing Portal:

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Bylaws

  • Change in Business Plan

  • Change in Company Information

  • Derivative Use Plans

  • Disclaimer of Control

  • Extraordinary Distribution Request

  • Financial Reporting items

    • Actuarial Opinion

    • Annual and Quarterly Financial Statements

    • Annual and Quarterly Supplements

    • CPA Audit Opinion and Supplements

    • Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure

    • Form B and C Holding Company Registration

    • Form F - Enterprise Risk Report

    • Own Risk Solvency Assessment Report

  • Form D (Affiliated Transactions)

  • Line of Business Change Request

  • Ordinary Distribution Notices

  • Premium Tax Filings (Statement of Taxes and Fees/Statement of Fees)

  • Surplus Notes Request

  • Surplus Notes Interest Request

Prior to Initial Filing

The Wisconsin OCI Financial Filing Portal application is composed of three components and users must complete three steps to submit filings:

  1. Obtain a WAMS ID

  2. Request permission for your WAMS ID

  3. Login to the OCI Financial Filing Portal and upload documents

Please refer to Intro to Company Instructions for a one-page instruction guide.

Detailed directions on the above can be found at OCI Financial Portal Security Administration​ User Guide.

 WAMS Account Setup  For best results use Google Chrome

Making the Filing​

​After all the necessary access has been granted for the company/group, you are now ready to make the actual filing.  Instructions for making a filing can be found at OCI Financial Filing Portal User Guide.

When making a filing the user will need to determine if the filing is related to a specific financial reporting period, or if it is related to a transaction or document that needs to be reviewed by OCI for approval, non-disapproval, or disapproval.

  • For those items that are not specific to any one financial reporting period and are being filed for OCI review or for notice to OCI, the user will select “Other" for the period and then the year the filing is being made.

  • For financial reporting filings that are specific to a period, the user will select the period the filing is for (i.e. Annual, Quarter 1, Quarter 2, or Quarter 3) and then the year.  For example, for filing the 2020 annual statement that will be filed on March 1, 2021, the user would select “Annual" for period and then “2020" for the year.

  • A mapping of the NAIC checklist name to the portal name is listed at NAI​C Checklist and Portal Filing Name Mapping.

 ​ Make an OCI Financial Filing  For best results use Google Chrome