Coverage Type Codes For Complaints

​Last Updated: January 22, 2024

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) utilizes the standardized codes of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). View Coverage Typ​e Codes here.

Just a few reminders:

Always place the OCI complaint file number on all complaint correspondence. Please make sure you have the correct file number on your correspondence to avoid confusion. If the correspondence has the wrong number on it, it will be imaged to the wrong file and will show up as a nonresponse, which could result in a recommendation for forfeiture.

If the coverage type code on the initial OCI letter to you (OCI 51-11) is incorrect, please make us aware of it either by indicating the change on the OCI 51-11 or bringing it to our attention when responding to the complaint.

You are not required to send duplicate responses to the complaint. In an effort to reduce excessive paper, we ask that you provide us with ONE (1) copy of your response to the complaint. If you fax or email your response, please do not send a copy by mail. It would be helpful if the pages of your response were not stapled together, as staples must be removed before imaging. We do recommend placing the OCI file number on EACH page of the response to avoid errors.

Complaint responses should be sent to OCI using one of the following methods:

Note: We are not able to accept secure email messages. Complaint responses that contain non-public personal heath and/or financial information should not be emailed.

U.S. Mail

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Attention: Complaints
P.O. Box 7873
Madison, WI 53707-7873

Express Delivery

Attention: Complaints
Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
125 S. Webster St.
Madison, WI 53703-3474


Complaint Response fax number - 608-223-6581
Note: This number is dedicated to company responses to consumer complaints.
When using this fax number, companies should:​

  • Send one fax per complaint response (i.e., do not include responses for multiple complaints in a single fax transmission), and
  • Include a cover sheet that lists the complaint number, company name, and number of pages faxed.

If faxing directly from an email program, messages should be sent in HTML or RTF format (plain text format will not transmit properly into our system).

Complaint responses that contain in excess of 200 pages should be mailed using one of the options above.

The general fax number—which will continue to appear at the top of our agency letterhead—should be used to fax us any other types of correspondence, not related to a specific complaint received by our office.

If you have any questions, please contact the Complaints Insurance Program Manager at​ or (608) 237-9060​.