Property and Casualty Advisory Council, February 5, 2015

Meeting Notices for the Week of
January 25, 2015
No Meetings Scheduled

Meeting Notices for the Week of
February 1, 2015

Agency, Contact,
Location, Date, and Time

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance

Contact Person:
Roger Frings
(608) 264-8107

GEF III Building
125 S. Webster St., Rm. 227
Madison, WI 53703

This location is accessible for people with disabilities. If you need special accommodations due to disability, please call the OCI contact person on this notice. For the hearing impaired, call 711 and give them the OCI contact person's number as listed in this notice.

Date and Time:
Thursday, February 5, 2015
10:00 a.m.


  1. Welcome and Introductions
    Rick Parks, Chair
    1. Aaron Perry, State Farm Insurance, Madison
    2. Jaclyn de Medicci, Chief
      Property and Casualty Insurance Section, OCI
  2. NAIC Update
    Property and Casualty Insurance Committee
    1. Committee Assignments, J.P. Wieske, OCI
  3. Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Pilot
    Rebecca Easland, OCI
  4. Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA)
    1. Expedited Form Filings, Mollie Zito, OCI
  5. 2015-16 Legislative Session
    1. Model Holding Company, Mollie Zito, OCI
    2. Credit for Reinsurance, Mollie Zito, OCI
    3. NARAB II, Mollie Zito, OCI
    4. OCI Technical Bill, J.P. Wieske, OCI
    5. Administrative Rules
    6. Commercial Ride-Sharing and Car-Sharing, Cari Lee, OCI
    7. 2015-16 State Budget, J.P. Wieske, OCI
  6. Smart Disclosures
    J.P. Wieske, OCI
  7. Other Business
    Rick Parks, Chair
    J.P. Wieske, Mollie Zito, OCI
    1. TRIA Renewal
  8. Future Meeting Date

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