Local Government Property Insurance Fund Builder's Risk Policy

Last Updated: March 1, 2017

Builder's Risk Policy

Builder's Risk Policy Form (OCI 41-104 Effective July 1, 2016, OCI 41-928 Effective July 1, 2014)
This policy provides coverage for an insured's new building constructions or renovations.

Each policy comes with the following endorsements:

Cap on Losses from Certified Acts of Terrorism (OCI 41-923)
This endorsement adds Terrorism coverage which meets the criteria contained in the Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act.

Builder's Risk Policy Endorsements

Additional Persons Protected Endorsement (OCI 41-105)
This endorsement allows an insured to list the parties that the Local Government Property Insurance Fund will waive their right to recover losses from in the event that the other party is liable.

Builders Risk Renovations Endorsement (OCI 41-106)
This endorsement excludes coverage to the existing structure as coverage is already found under the current Local Government Property Insurance Fund Property policy.

Builders' Risk, When Coverage Ceases Amended Endorsement (OCI 41-109)
This endorsement allows the adjustment of when coverage ceases to a scheduled number of days.