Strategic Business Plan

​​​​​Last Reviewed: March 14, 2016

The mission of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is to lead the way in informing and protecting the public, and responding to their insurance needs.​

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) mission statement provides the context in which OCI goals and strategies are formulated, depicts the scope and direction for the agency, and provides the framework within which decisions will be made regarding programs, proposed legislation and rules and administrative goals.

As part of the strategic planning process, the OCI management team and staff developed this mission statement to affirm the direction of the agency, as a regulatory agency, and, additionally, to emphasize its role in information gathering and dissemination. The mission also reflects the management philosophy in OCI to place primary focus of our programs on protecting and serving the public by leading the way in engaging in effective regulatory operations and providing services to the public. Leading the way means OCI will continue its leadership role among the states in insurance regulation and information collection and dissemination. Leading the way also emphasizes that OCI will continue to perform its duties in an appropriately proactive mode.

To fulfill our mission, it is important to have a common vision of the future for OCI. Feedback from our earlier surveys of insurers, consumer groups, legislators, other organizations and OCI staff, was used to, and continues to, define OCI's vision of the future. The vision became the framework around which the agency developed its goals. The vision is to:

  • Ensure a strong insurance market through proactive policy and skillful enforcement.
  • Enjoy a positive public image and be recognized as an expert and leader in the field of insurance regulation.
  • Ensure continued efficient and effective regulation of insurance at the state level.

To fulfill our vision we will:

  • Provide staff with opportunities to work in teams and to grow in a well-managed organization;
  • Strive to exceed the expectations of our customers; and
  • Use information technology in appropriate ways.

OCI's mission statement and strategic business plan was developed in 1994 and is updated periodically. OCI's plan was designed to reflect and incorporate the purposes of the insurance statutes for the state of Wisconsin as outlined in s. 601.01, Wis. Stat.:

  1. To ensure the solidity of all insurers doing business in this state;
  2. To ensure that policyholders, claimants and insurers are treated fairly and equitably;
  3. To ensure that the state has an adequate and healthy insurance market, characterized by competitive conditions and the exercise of initiative;
  4. To provide for an office that is an expert in the field of insurance and able to enforce chs. 600 to 655, Wis. Stat.;
  5. To encourage full cooperation of the office with other regulatory bodies, both of this and other states and of the federal government;
  6. To improve and thereby preserve state regulation of insurance;
  7. To maintain freedom of contract and freedom of enterprise so far as consistent with the other purposes of the law;
  8. To encourage self-regulation of the insurance enterprise;
  9. To encourage loss prevention as an aspect of the operation of the insurance enterprise;
  10. To keep the public informed on insurance matters; and
  11. To achieve the other purposes stated in chs. 600 to 655, Wis. Stat.

OCI's mission and vision statement guided the selection of key goals, strategies, and measures. The goals were designed to support OCI's vision and reflect the purposes outlined in the statutes. They are critical in attaining the overall vision and accomplishing the mission of OCI. The goals are the critical issues which will focus our efforts in coming years.

Following are the goals and strategic steps OCI will pursue to work toward its vision for the future.

Goals and Strategies

OCI proactively addresses the root causes of problems in the insurance marketplace through effective regulation with an emphasis on early detection and prevention.

To accomplish this goal we will:

  • Aggressively conduct all regulatory functions of our core mission, including information collection, analysis, licensing, and adjudication;
  • Refine and improve early warning systems in financial and market regulation;
  • Train staff to facilitate intra-agency communication and early identification of regulatory issues;
  • Encourage external interaction and feedback;
  • Work to identify and address issues related to access to adequate and appropriate insurance coverage.

OCI provides information and assistance to our public, including consumers, legislators, insurers, agents, other states, the federal government, and other organizations.

To accomplish this goal we will:

  • Ensure that OCI staff directly interacting with the public have the training and equipment to provide information and assistance in a timely and courteous manner;
  • Continue to use and improve OCI's performance measures;
  • Provide public information through a coordinated communication plan;
  • Participate and provide leadership in efforts to improve and preserve state regulation;
  • Participate in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' initiatives to address common needs and purposes.

OCI continues to fulfill its mission because of the quality of its staff. OCI is dedicated to the ongoing support and development of each staff member.

To accomplish this goal we will:

  • Provide a healthy and safe work environment;
  • Develop the full potential of staff by promoting training and growth opportunities;
  • Foster diversity in the workplace which reflects an increasingly diverse state population;
  • Promote positive communication, cooperation and mutual respect within and among all work units;
  • Continue to develop work group teams to improve cross-functional work processes;
  • Through continued use of performance standards, strive to improve all functions;
  • Assess restructuring and reallocation of staff resources as appropriate to better address work needs;
  • Conduct workforce planning to ensure continuity of expertise as the structure of the workforce evolves.

OCI will use appropriate technology to provide tools for the regulation of insurance.

To accomplish this goal we will:

  • Continually review emerging technologies and conduct cost-benefit analyses for applications serving OCI, consumers and the industry;
  • Encourage office-wide participation in technology planning and implementation such as through the Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee and OCI Web Committee;
  • Continually improve, enhance and update the use of the Internet in carrying out the goals of OCI;
  • Improve state regulation and service by implementing use of technology to facilitate the sharing of information with other regulatory authorities;
  • Provide opportunities for staff to research and develop new approaches to optimize the use of technology.