In 1911, Wisconsin adopted a Workmen's Compensation Act. The intent of the law (Chapter 102 of the Wisconsin Statutes) was to require an employer to promptly and accurately compensate a worker for any injury suffered on the job, regardless of the existence of any fault or whose it might be.

Worker's compensation is protection mandated by state law for a worker and his or her dependents against injury and death occurring in the course of employment. It is not health insurance and is not intended to compensate for disability other than disability caused by injury arising out of employment. The purpose of the worker's compensation system is to provide financial and medical benefits to the victims of "work-related" injuries and their families regardless of fault.

A list of the insurers offering worker's compensation insurance is in the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau Annual Report. Click on the "Annual Reports" tab to access the report.

Worker's Compensation Insurance Rates

The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau (Bureau) is responsible for establishing, maintaining and administering rules, regulations, classifications, rates and rating plans to govern the transaction of worker's compensation insurance in Wisconsin. The Bureau files with OCI, on behalf of its members every manual of classifications, rules and rates, every rating plan and every modification of any of them proposed for use in this state. Insurance companies writing worker's insurance may not deviate from the approved rates and rating plans.

The approved rates and minimum premium for the last ten years for each classification code is located on the Bureau's web site at The rate for each classification code is the amount of premium for each $100 in remuneration provided by an employer to his or her employees. The minimum premium for each classification code is the lowest premium required in order to provide worker's compensation insurance.

The classification code or codes applicable to a business may be found on the declarations page of the employer's worker's compensation insurance policy. For additional information on the classification system used for worker's compensation insurance, please refer to our Consumer's Guide to Worker's Compensation Insurance For Employers.

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Policy Forms

Standard worker's compensation insurance forms are used in Wisconsin. All insurance companies must use the approved policy forms, applications and endorsements filed by Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau (Bureau) on behalf of all its members. Substantive deviations from the approved policy forms, applications and endorsements are not allowed.

Insurance companies should not file worker's compensation insurance policy forms, applications or endorsements with OCI. Insurance companies that wish to introduce new policy forms may request the Rating Committee of the Bureau to consider filing the policy forms with our office. Should the Rating Committee vote to make such a filing and receive approval from our office, the forms would be available for use by all Bureau members.

Questions regarding the policy forms, applications, and/or endorsements approved for use in Wisconsin or requests to consider new policy forms, should be directed to the Bureau at:

Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau
P. O. Box 3080
Milwaukee, WI 53201-3080
(262) 796-4540

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