Limited Policies

The limited policies listed below should not be bought as substitutes for a comprehensive Medigap policy.

Long-Term Care Coverage - These policies cover long-term nursing home and/or home health care.

You may obtain a copy of the booklets Guide to Long-Term Care and Long-Term Care Insurance Approved Policies in Wisconsin from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance - These policies pay a fixed amount per day for a specific number of days during the time you are hospitalized. These policies are not related to Medicare and may not be necessary if you have a Medicare supplement, Medicare select, or Medicare cost policy, or a Medicare Advantage plan. You should review these policies carefully to determine the number of days you need to be hospitalized before coverage begins and the daily benefit you will receive after you become hospitalized.

Specified Disease Coverage - These policies provide benefits for a single disease or group of specified diseases, such as cancer, and are not Medicare supplement or Medigap policies. These policies should not be bought as alternatives to more comprehensive coverage. A Shopper's Guide to Cancer Insurance prepared by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners is available from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.


Federal law prohibits the sale of a health insurance policy that pays benefits in addition to Medicare unless it will pay benefits without regard to other health coverage and it includes a disclosure statement on or together with the application.