Medicare Advantage has been added to the Medicare program as Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage offers people enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B options for obtaining health services through the Medicare program. It is important to know that you may choose to stay in original Medicare if you are satisfied with that program and that all Medicare Advantage plans must provide at least the same benefits as original Medicare. However, Medicare Advantage plans are not required to provide the same supplemental benefits that are provided under Medicare supplement policies available in Wisconsin. Whether you enroll in original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, you must continue to pay your monthly Medicare Part B premium.

Under Medicare Advantage, the Medicare program will, at your direction, purchase a private health plan on your behalf. Before Medicare will agree to pay for a plan, the plan must meet minimum state and federal requirements for licensure, benefits offered, access to providers, quality of care, and reporting. However, Medicare Advantage plans are annual contracts and are not guaranteed renewable as is required for Medicare supplement policies. As with Medicare supplement policies, the premiums you pay for the Medicare Advantage plan may increase. You may also be responsible for paying your doctor and hospital bills if you do not follow the Medicare Advantage plan's rules.