Where to go for Help

For more information on health insurance call the Medigap Helpline at 1-800-242-1060. This is a statewide toll-free number set up the Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long-Term Care and funded by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to answer questions about health insurance and other health care benefits for the elderly. It has no connection with any insurance company.

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) offers three brochures to assist you in making your decision about Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage insurance plans. Medicare Supplement Insurance Approved Policies lists all policies available in Wisconsin including benefits and current premiums. Medicare Advantage Plans in Wisconsin explains the new options available to Medicare-eligible persons age 65 and over, and some Medicare-eligible disabled individuals under age 65, who are looking for information about the Medicare Advantage program. The Wisconsin Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare explains Medicare and supplemental insurance to cover those expenses not paid by Medicare.

If you are having a problem with your insurance, you should first check with your agent or with the company that sold you the policy. If you do not get satisfactory answers from the agent or company, you may file a complaint with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.