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Consumer's Guide to Auto Insurance (PI-057) (Updated March 2014)
Explains the types of coverage provided in an auto insurance policy, how to shop for insurance, and collision damage waiver coverage for rental cars.
Teenagers and Auto Insurance (PI-200) (opens in new window) (Updated March 2014)
Provides information on buying car insurance, saving money, and how underage drinking affects your insurance premium. Note: You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print this publication, which you can download at no cost from Adobe .
Tips for Saving on Auto Insurance (PI-218) (Updated August 2014)
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Long-Term Care
Guide to Long-Term Care (PI-047) (Updated August 2012)
Explains different types of long-term care insurance and the types of policies sold in Wisconsin to cover long-term care expenses.
Long-Term Care Insurance Approved Policies in Wisconsin (PI-046) (Updated July 2012)
Lists individual, group and tax-qualified long-term care insurance policies, nursing home policies, and home health care policies including information regarding benefits and sample premiums.
Medicare Supplement
Medicare Advantage in Wisconsin (PI-099) (Updated March 2012)
Explains options available to Medicare-eligible persons age 65 and over, and some Medicare-eligible disabled individuals under age 65, who are looking for information about the Medicare Advantage program.
Medicare Supplement Insurance Approved Policies List (PI-010) (Updated February 2014)
Lists policies available in Wisconsin including benefits and current premiums.
Wisconsin Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare (2014) (PI-002) (Updated December 2013)
Explains Medicare and supplemental insurance to cover those expenses not paid by Medicare.
ANSI Codes
Claim Adjustment Reason Codes are available at:
A Guide to Health Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance for Farm Families (PI-072) (Updated August 2014)
Provides information about health insurance and limitations for work-related injuries.
A Shopper's Guide to Cancer Insurance (PI-001) (Reviewed April 2008)
Describes cancer insurance policies and the limitations many of these policies have.
Consumer's Guide to Grievances and Complaints (PI-217) (Updated September 2014)
Provides information on how to resolve disputes with your health plan.
Consumer's Guide to Managed Care Health Plans in Wisconsin (PI-044) (Updated July 2013)
Provides information on all HMO and Limited Service Health Organization Plans in Wisconsin.
Fact Sheet on Continuation and Conversion Rights in Health Insurance Policies (PI-023) (Updated March 2011)
Describes a consumer's rights under Wisconsin law and the federal COBRA law to continue or convert group health insurance coverage after losing previous eligibility for health insurance coverage.
Fact Sheet on the Independent Review Process in Wisconsin (PI-203) (Updated April 2012)
Describes a consumer's right to appeal a health plan's decision to an independent medical expert.
Fact Sheet on Mandated Benefits for the Treatment of Nervous and Mental Disorders or Substance Use Disorders (PI-008) (Updated August 2014)
Summarizes required coverages in group health insurance policies.
Fact Sheet on Mandated Benefits in Health Insurance Policies (PI-019) (Updated June 2012)
Gives a brief description of current mandated benefits.
Group Health Insurance Index (Updated April 2012) January 2012 July 2012
Survey results listing the monthly premiums for group health insurance policies for four hypothetical groups.
Health Insurance Coverage in Wisconsin (PI-094) (Updated November 2009)
Survey results listing the number of people covered by an HMO, Preferred Provider Organization, Point-of-Service Plan and traditional health insurance in Wisconsin.
Health Insurance for Small Employers and Their Employees (2014) (PI-206) (Updated January 2014)
Discusses the Small Employer Health Insurance Law and contains monthly new business premium rates.
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A Brief Guide to Renter's Insurance (PI-017) (Reviewed June 2010)
Explains the basic coverages included in a renter's insurance policy and gives tips on how to purchase renter's insurance.
Buying a Home and Your Insurance Needs (PI-100) (Updated October 2006)
Provides information on title, homeowner's, flood and private mortgage insurance and discusses other insurance options to consider when buying a home.
Buying a Home—Insurance Terms to Remember When Buying a Home (PI-221) (Updated October 2007)
Condominium Insurance (PI-068) (Updated September 2013)
Explains the basic coverages included in a condominium unit owners policy.
Consumer's Guide to Homeowner's Insurance (PI-015) (Updated March 2008)
Explains the basic coverages included in homeowner's and tenant's insurance policies, the types of policies, what you should do if you have a loss, the Wisconsin Insurance Plan, and contains premium tables for four hypothetical examples.
Mobile Home Insurance (PI-066) (Updated March 2011)
Explains the basic coverages included in a mobile home insurance policy.
Personal Property Home Inventory (PI-224) (opens in new window) (Reviewed February 2010)
A personal property home inventory guide to use to list all the items that you have in your home.
Settling Property Insurance Claims (PI-084) (Updated June 2008)
Provides information on what to do after a loss, how to settle an insurance claim, flood insurance, and tips on what to do before a loss.
Tips for Saving on Homeowner's Insurance (PI-219) (Updated August 2014)
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Consumer's Guide to Commercial Liability Insurance (PI-045) (Updated August 2014)
Contains basic information on commercial liability insurance, risk management, legal protections, required coverages, and optional coverages.
Consumer's Guide to Day Care Liability Insurance (PI-054) (Updated January 2011)
Answers questions about liability insurance coverage for day care facilities.
Consumer's Guide to Insurance for Small Business Owners (PI-085) (Updated October 2007)
Provides information about business, worker's compensation, health, and auto insurance.
Consumer's Guide to Worker's Compensation Insurance for Employers (PI-065) (Updated September 2013)
Provides information on worker's compensation insurance requirements and answers frequently asked questions.
Fact Sheet on Foster Parent Liability Insurance (PI-048) (Updated March 2011)
Answers questions about liability insurance coverage for foster children.
Information Sheet on Surplus Lines Insurers and Agents (PI-026) (Updated September 2012)
Answers questions about surplus lines insurance and procedures for placing surplus lines insurance.
Warranties (PI-069) (Updated August 2007)
Discusses the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the federal law that covers warranties, and answers questions about extended warranties.
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Life Insurance Coverage and AIDS (PI-064) (Updated March 2014)
Summarizes rules regarding life insurance and coverage for AIDS and includes Resources for Persons with a Positive HIV Test/The Implications of Testing Positive for HIV (OCI 17-001).
NAIC Life Insurance Buyer's Guide
A copy of The NAIC Life Insurance Buyer's Guide is available only in hard copy. Bulk copies may be obtained by calling the NAIC Office at 816-783-8301.
State Life Insurance Fund
Information about the State Life Insurance Fund that offers life insurance to Wisconsin residents. This also includes a rate table and application information. For more information, call 1-800-562-5558 (Wisconsin residents only).
Understanding Annuities (PI-214) (Updated June 2012)
Explains the different types of annuity contracts, describes the various contractual features and discusses how to shop for an annuity.
Wisconsin Buyer's Guide to Annuities (PI-016) (Reviewed January 2008)
Describes annuities and provides consumer information.
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Consumer's Guide to Insurance (PI-051) (Updated July 2008)
Provides general information about health, life, auto, homeowner's, and worker's compensation insurance.
Documents and Records (PI-223) (opens in new window) (Updated February 2014)
Provides information on whom to contact for a list of documents that will need to be replaced if they have been destroyed.
Fact Sheet on Credit Insurance (PI-205) (Reviewed March 2011)
Provides information on credit insurance.
Fact Sheet on Insurance Terminations, Denials, and Cancellations (PI-024) (Updated August 2014)
Summarizes the laws dealing with notice requirements when insurance coverage is terminated.
Frequently Asked Questions About C.L.U.E. (PI-207) (Updated May 2012)
Tips to help you understand how claims information obtained from a C.L.U.E. report may affect your insurance premiums.
Insurance 101, A Guide to Insurance Basics for College Students (PI-215) (Updated August 2014)
Provides information about the types of insurance college students should consider when going away to school.
Insurance Complaints and Administrative Actions (PI-030) (Updated June 2014)
An annual report summarizing complaint activity and enforcement actions.
Other Sources of Help (Updated September 2011)
Provides information on Small Claims Court.
Tips for Buying Insurance on the Internet (PI-220) (Updated August 2014)
Title Insurance, Frequently Asked Questions (PI-229) (opens in new window) (Created December 2012)
Understanding How Insurance Companies Use Credit Information (PI-204) (Updated August 2010)
Tips to help you understand how your credit information may be used and how it may affect your insurance premiums.
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Wisconsin Insurance News
The Wisconsin Insurance News is published quarterly by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to provide interested parties with information affecting regulation of the Wisconsin insurance market.

Please note there is a charge for the Wisconsin Insurance Report
Wisconsin Insurance Report (Business of 2013)
(If you want to order a paper copy of the report, use the Order Form (opens in new window) available on OCI's Web site. You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to print this order form which you can download at no cost from Adobe .)
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