Wisconsin's program to provide health care coverage for uninsured families.
Bed reservation
This benefit is payable if you are receiving nursing home care and need to spend time in a hospital. The company will cover any charge made by the nursing home for reserving your bed during your hospitalization.
The person or financial instrument (for example, a trust fund), named in the policy as the recipient of insurance money in the event of the insured's death.
Benefit appeal
The opportunity for the Medicare beneficiary to submit a written request for review by the insurer of the denial of a claim for Wisconsin mandated benefits under the Medicare supplement policy.
Benefit determination
A decision from the Medicare managed care plan to offer coverage under the provisions of the policy. The benefit could require a deductible or copayment. The benefit could also be limited to a certain amount by the plan.
Benefit period
In health insurance, the number of days for which benefits are paid to the named insured and his or her dependents. For example, the number of days that benefits are calculated for a calendar year consist of the days beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31 of each year.
Benefit triggers
A term used to describe when to pay benefits. One type of benefit trigger is an activity of daily living (ADL). Insurance companies may use different events or types of benefit triggers to determine when benefits will begin to be paid. The triggers are described in the eligibility criteria of the policy.
The increase in the dollar value of physical property which often occurs when new property replaces old property after a loss covered by property insurance. For example, betterment means that your repaired vehicle is better than it was before the accident. The application of the principle of indemnity would require the adjuster to reduce the insurer's payment to the insured by the amount of the recognized betterment.
A temporary or preliminary agreement to provide immediate insurance coverage until a policy can be written or delivered. May be oral or written and sets forth conditions of coverage. Often used during the interval between the coverage becoming effective and the time a formal policy is prepared and delivered. Normally it is issued for a limited period of time.
A marketing specialist who represents buyers of property and liability insurance and who deals with either agents or companies in arranging for the coverage required by the customer.

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