Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Pool

The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau (WCRB) acts as administer and trustee of the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Pool (Pool). The Pool is a risk-sharing plan created to provide worker's compensation insurance to any employer who is unable to obtain coverage in the open market and who is, in good faith, entitled to such insurance. Out-of-state employers with no Wisconsin operations and employers who owe the Pool monies from prior policies are not eligible for coverage from the Pool.

All insurers licensed to write worker's compensation insurance in Wisconsin must participate in funding the Pool, and are represented by eight insurance companies that have been designated as servicing carriers. The insurance company assigned to service a policy issued through the Pool writes the policy in its own name and provides claims, loss control, auditing, and other services, just as they would for their voluntarily written policyholders.

The WCRB will assign an insurer to write the policy for you. An employer insured through the Assigned Risk Pool is subject to the same rules, rates, classifications and experience rating as those employers insured in the voluntary market. Premium discounts and dividends are not applicable. No surcharges are permitted on Assigned Risk Pool accounts. Your insurance agent can provide you with more information and forms.

For more information on the Pool, contact your agent or the WCRB at:

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