Administration of the Worker's Compensation System

Two laws enacted by the Wisconsin Legislature control the Worker's Compensation System in Wisconsin. Chapter 102, Wis. Stat., the Worker's Compensation Act establishes which employers and employees are subject to the law, provides enforcement procedures for noncompliance and sets forth all benefits payable in Wisconsin.

Chapter 626, Wis. Stat., is part of the Wisconsin Insurance Laws. It identifies the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau and sets forth all of the rules, regulations and procedures relating to the classification of employers, worker's compensation rates, relating plans, appeal procedures, etc. This law specifies how each employer's contribution to the prefunded mechanism (i.e., premium) is to be determined.

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (

The State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) supervises the insurance industry in Wisconsin. OCI examines industry financial practices and market conduct, licenses agents, reviews policy forms for compliance with state legislation, investigates consumer complaints, and provides consumer information.

OCI licenses the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau and all insurance companies who transact worker's compensation business and all agents or intermediaries who sell worker's compensation insurance in Wisconsin. OCI regularly examines the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau and insurance companies to make certain that they are meeting their obligations under the law.

OCI is located at 125 South Webster Street, P.O. Box 7873, Madison, WI 53707-7873. The telephone number is (608) 266-3585 (in Madison) or 1-800-236- 8517 (statewide).

Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Division (

The Worker's Compensation Division (Division) is a division of the State of Wisconsin, Department of Workforce Development (DWD). The Division is responsible for the administration of the Worker's Compensation Act of Wisconsin, Chapter 102, Wis. Stat.

The Division administers programs to assure that injured workers receive required financial and other benefits from insurers and self-insured employers, to encourage injured worker's rehabilitation and reemployment, and to promote techniques that reduce the number of work-related injuries, illnesses, and death. The Division administers Chapter 102, Wis. Stat., with respect to enforcement, payment of claims, violations, compliance and enforcement of insurance requirements and other related duties. All claims involving loss of time from work must be reported to the Division. Disputed worker's compensation claims are adjudicated by the Division.

The Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Division is located at 201 East Washington Avenue, Room C100, P.O. Box 7901, Madison, WI 53707-7901. The telephone number is (608) 266-1340.

The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau (

The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau (WCRB) is a licensed rate service organization for worker's compensation insurance in Wisconsin. It was created by Wisconsin law, and while it is regulated by OCI and works very closely with the Worker's Compensation Division, the WCRB is not a state agency. The WCRB is an unincorporated association of insurers who, by law, must be members of the WCRB.

The WCRB is responsible for the classification of employers, the rates and rating plans used, all policy forms and endorsements and the collection and analysis of all statistical and other data needed to meet its responsibilities. All rate, rating plans, forms, etc., must be filed with and approved by the OCI before insurers can use them. Deviations are not permitted.

The WCRB assists the Worker's Compensation Division in its enforcement activities. By law, the WCRB receives required information on every worker's compensation policy issued to every employer with operations in Wisconsin and every termination thereof, and transmits this information via computer to the Worker's Compensation Division. The WCRB also administers the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Pool.

The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau is located at 20700 Swenson Drive, Suite 100, Waukesha, WI 53186. The telephone number is (262) 796-4540.