Filing a Flood Insurance Claim

How do I file a claim for flood loss?

You should immediately report any flood loss to the insurance company or agent who wrote the policy. A claims adjuster will be assigned the loss and you must file a "proof of loss" within 60 days of the date of loss. If your policy is with a Write Your Own Company (WYO) you must follow the company's claim procedures. The 60-day time limit for filing a proof of loss remains the same.

What is a "proof of loss"?

A proof of loss is a sworn statement made by you that substantiates the insurance claim and is required to be submitted to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or WYO company within 60 days of the loss. A printed form usually is available from the adjuster assigned to the claim.

What is a "loss in progress"?

A loss in progress occurs when actual flood damage to a building or its contents started before the inception of the policy.

Is a loss in progress covered?

The NFIP does not cover damage caused by a loss in progress under any of the flood insurance policies.

What is the maximum that can be collected for a loss under the NFIP policy?

An insured will never be paid more than the value of the covered loss, less deductible, up to the amounts of insurance purchased. Therefore, purchasing insurance to value is an important consideration. The amount of insurance a property owner needs should be discussed with your insurance agent or broker.