We have tried to limit the use of acronyms and initials, but some terms are used so often the acronyms are practical and of assistance to you. The term will be spelled at its first use in the text with the acronym or initials following in parentheses. For your convenience, the following is a listing of acronyms and initials that appear in the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance - Insurance Coverage for Small Employers Web site.

ACVActual Cash Value
BOPBusiness Owners Policy
CGLCommercial General Liability
COBCoordination of Benefits
COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985
DFIDepartment of Financial Institutions
DNRDepartment of Natural Resources
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DWDDepartment of Workforce Development
EOBExplanation of Benefits
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FIRMFlood Insurance Rate Map
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HMOHealth Maintenance Organization
IPAIndividual Practice Association
IROIndependent Review Organization
LSHOLimited Service Health Organization
MIBMedical Information Bureau
NFIPNational Flood Insurance Program
OCIOffice of the Commissioner of Insurance
POSPoint of Service
PPDPermanent Partial Disability
PPOPreferred Provider Organization
PPPPreferred Provider Plan
PTDPermanent Total Disability
SFHASpecial Flood Hazard Areas
SFIPStandard Flood Insurance Policy
TPDTemporary Partial Disability
TTDTemporary Total Disability
UCRUsual, Customary and Reasonable
UEFUninsured Employers Fund
UIMUnderinsured Motorist
UMUninsured Motorist
URUtilization Review
VINVehicle Identification Number
WAIPWisconsin Auto Insurance Plan
WCWorker's Compensation
WCRBWisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau
WIPWisconsin Insurance Plan
WYOWrite Your Own