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Consumer's Guide to Insurance (PI-051)

Addendum December 2009

Provides general information about health, life, auto, homeowner's, and worker's compensation insurance.

Documents and Records (PI-223)

Provides information on whom to contact for a list of documents that will need to be replaced if they have been destroyed.

Fact Sheet on Credit Insurance (PI-205)

Provides information on credit insurance.

Fact Sheet on Insurance Terminations, Denials, and Cancellations (PI-024)

Summarizes the laws dealing with notice requirements when insurance coverage is terminated.

Fact Sheet on Standard Health Insurance Forms (PI-083)

Describes the requirements for billing formats to be used by providers and explanation of benefits and remittance advice forms used by insurers to explain claim payments.

Frequently Asked Questions About C.L.U.E. (PI-207)

Tips to help you understand how claims information obtained from a C.L.U.E. report may affect your insurance premiums.

Insurance 101, A Guide to Insurance Basics for College Students (PI-215)

Provides information about the types of insurance college students should consider when going away to school.

Insurance Complaints and Administrative Actions (PI-030)

An annual report listing companies with an above-average number of complaints in individual and group health, life and annuities, automobile, and homeowner's and tenant's insurance.

Learning about the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance on the World Wide Web (PI-095)

Provides a list of the information that is available on the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance's Web site.

Other Sources of Help

Provides information on Small Claims Court.

Tips for Buying Insurance on the Internet (PI-220)

Understanding How Insurance Companies Use Credit Information (PI-204)

Tips to help you understand how your credit information may be used and how it may affect your insurance premiums.

Consumer's Guide to Day Care Liability Insurance (PI-054)

Answers questions about liability insurance coverage for day care facilities.

Fact Sheet on Foster Parent Liability Insurance (PI-048)

Answers questions about liability insurance coverage for foster children.

Warranties (PI-069)

Discusses the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the federal law that covers warranties, and answers questions about extended warranties.

Information Sheet on Surplus Lines Insurers and Agents (PI-026)

Answers questions about surplus lines insurance and procedures for placing surplus lines insurance.