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ANSI Codes

Claim Adjustment Reason Codes are available at:

A Guide to Health Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance for Farm Families (PI-072)

Provides information about health insurance and limitations for work-related injuries.

A Shopper's Guide to Cancer Insurance (PI-001)

Describes cancer insurance policies and the limitations many of these policies have.

Consumer's Guide to Grievances and Complaints (PI-217)

Provides information on how to resolve disputes with your health plan.

Consumer's Guide to Managed Care Health Plans in Wisconsin (PI-044)

Provides information on all Health Maintenance Organizations and Limited Service Health Organization Plans in Wisconsin.

Fact Sheet on Continuation and Conversion Rights in Health Insurance Policies (PI-023)

Describes a consumer's rights under Wisconsin law and the federal COBRA law to continue or convert group health insurance coverage after losing previous eligibility for health insurance coverage.

Fact Sheet on the Independent Review Process in Wisconsin (PI-203)

Describes a consumer's right to appeal a health plan's decision to an independent medical expert.

Fact Sheet on Mandated Benefits in Health Insurance Policies (PI-019)

Gives a brief description of current mandated benefits.

Fact Sheet on Mandated Benefits for the Treatment of Nervous and Mental Disorders, Alcoholism and Other Drug Abuse (PI-008)

Summarizes required coverages in group health insurance policies.

Health Insurance Coverage in Wisconsin (PI-094)

Survey results listing the number of people covered by an Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred Provider Organization, Point-of-Service Plan and traditional health insurance in Wisconsin.

Health Insurance for Small Employers and Their Employees(PI-206)

Discusses the Small Employer Health Insurance Law and contains monthly new business premium rates for three hypothetical groups.