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Amendment to Articles of Organization, Town Mutual (OCI 26-003)
Biographical Form A (OCI 21-200)
Care Management Organizations:
     Biographical Data (OCI 33-004)
     CPA Audit Checklist (OCI 33-007)
     NAIC Company Code Application
Commercial Liability Insurance Report
Designation of Registered Agent for Service of Process (OCI 12-014)  Fillable
Directly Placed Unauthorized Tax Report (OCI 27-016)  Fillable
Grievance Reporting Documents
Group Health Insurance Reporting Form (OCI 17-400) Word   Fillable p d f
HMO Data Collection (OCI 26-903)
Individual Uniform Application for Individual Major Medical Health Insurance Form (OCI 26-503)
Insurance Complaint Form (OCI 51-005)
Long-Term Care:
     Issuer Certification Form (OCI 26-113)
     Policyholder Long-Term Care Partnership Plan Status Form (OCI 26-114)
     Long-Term Care Reporting Forms
Managed Care Plan Certifications:
     Certification of Managed Care Plan Type (OCI 26-109)
     Certification of Access Standards (OCI 26-110)
     Certification of Preferred Provider Plan Same Service Provisions (OCI 26-112)
Market Conduct Annual Statement
Medical Malpractice Insurance Report (OCI 26-035, OCI 26-036, and OCI 26-037)  Fillable
Medicare Supplement Reporting Forms
Product Liability Insurance Report
Reservation of Corporate Name (OCI 23-010)  Fillable
Small Employer:
     Small Employer Insurer Reporting Forms [Small Employer Actuarial Certification (OCI 26-051)]
     Small Employer Uniform Employee Application for Group Health Insurance (OCI 26-501)
Statutory Hold-Harmless Forms (Opt-Out/In)
     Election of Exemption (Opt-Out) (OCI 22-510)
     Election to be Subject to Restrictions (Opt-In) (OCI 22-520)
     Termination of Election to be Subject to Restrictions (Termination of Opt-In) (OCI 22-540)
     Termination of Exemption (Termination of Opt-Out) (OCI 22-530)
Surplus Lines Tax Report Form (O C I 27-015, p d f) (opens in new window)  Fillable p d f (opens in new window)