Registration for
Risk Purchasing Group

A risk purchasing group may not do an insurance business or engage in any insurance activity in this state until it registers with the commissioner [s. 601.72 (2m), Wis. Stat.]. In order to register send a cover letter requesting registration as a risk purchasing group in Wisconsin and the following information:

  • Name of purchasing group
  • State of domicile
  • Principal place of business, address, phone number, e-mail address
  • Mailing address if different
  • Name of contact person, address, phone number, e-mail address (update inquiries will be sent annually to this person)
  • Estimated written premium for the current year and following year in Wisconsin
  • Classifications of insurance written
  • Insurer and FEIN number
  • State of domicile of insurer
  • Designation of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance as agent for the purpose of service of process for legal documents OCI 26-802 (opens in a new window)
  • Name, address and license number of a licensed Wisconsin insurance agent (not agency) soliciting insurance on behalf of the risk purchasing group [see s. 628.03 (1m), Wis. Stat.]
  • Statement of intention to do business in Wisconsin
  • Statement showing that the purpose of your group is to purchase commercial or public entity liability insurance on a group basis, to purchase commercial liability insurance only for group members and only for similar related liability exposure, and is composed solely of members who have similar liability exposure because of related, similar or common business activities, products or services or premises

Please send the above information to:

State of Wisconsin
Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Debbie Hamele
PO Box 7873
Madison WI 53707-7873
608 267-9455