The major insurance (major lines) include questions uniform to other states in the licensing program dealing with product knowledge and questions involving the statutes and rules unique to Wisconsin.

The Intermediary's Guide to Wisconsin Insurance Law has been developed by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) as a study manual for the Wisconsin laws section of the examination. The intent is to provide a broad overview of insurance concepts, state laws, and ethics. OCI has not prepared any study program or manuals for the product knowledge questions of the examination.

The Intermediary's Guide to Wisconsin Insurance Law is available to be downloaded below.

Intermediary's Guide to Wisconsin Insurance Law (opens in new window)

To request a print copy of the guide, please contact or call Central Files at (608) 264-8110. There is a fee associated when requesting print copies.

The Wisconsin Licensing Handbook (opens in new window) is a useful tool in preparing for an examination. It includes the examination outlines, detail information on how to make the exam reservation, how to submit fingerprints and Wisconsin insurance application process.