Pursuant to s. Ins 6.58 (5), Wis. Adm. Code, renewal notices are mailed 60 days prior to fees being due. To continue conducting insurance business in the state of Wisconsin, you must pay the biennial regulation fee. All notices are sent by first class mail to the residence address on file with our office and are now in a postcard format as identified below. The law does not require proof of delivery.

Front of Renewal Notice postcard

Back of Renewal Notice postcard

As identified, renewal fees must be paid by credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Those licensees without Internet access can contact our office for assistance in entering their payment.

If you are a resident licensee required to complete continuing education, a separate notice is mailed to those persons who are deficient in course credits 90 days prior to their expiration date showing the number of credits banked and instructions on how to access their transcript as well as current course offerings at www.sircon.com/wisconsin. Please note that your credits must be BANKED by your expiration date to avoid license cancellation. By law, providers have 10 days to bank your credits following completion of a course; therefore, you need to schedule accordingly. We suggest licensees not wait until the last few weeks of a reporting period to complete their requirements.

Application Procedures Following License Cancellation

Persons who fail to pay their fees and/or comply with continuing education requirements will have their license cancelled. Reapplication procedures are as follows:

Residents who held a major-line or limited-line license have one year from their expiration date to reapply without having to complete any prelicensing education or examinations, as long as any outstanding continuing education requirements are met. Download the application (OCI 11-041R Resident Insurance Agent License Application Without Examination) at oci.wi.gov/agentlic/forms-apps.htm. The instructions and fee schedule are printed on the form. An electronic reinstatement process is not available at this time.

Residents wishing to reapply for a major-line license after one year would be required to complete all of the prelicensing education for each line previously held, and also sit for the law portion of each examination. A list of prelicensing education schools is located at www.sircon.com/wisconsin and basic examination information is available at oci.wi.gov/agentlic/specprov.htm. Residents holding a limited line license would need to sit for the entire examination. The Candidate Handbook is available through a link at our Web site at oci.wi.gov/agentlic/licensing.htm.

Nonresidents have two ways to reapply:

Log on to www.sircon.com/wisconsin to apply electronically and pay by credit card. This process generally takes 1-5 working days.

Or, log on to oci.wi.gov/agentlic/forms-apps.htm to complete our nonresident paper application. The fee schedule and instructions are printed on the form. A letter of certification is NOT required, however, paper applications can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks to process.

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